December 8, 2009

School is Haites

I should be back very soon. These last few weeks at school have been very hectic. I completed a few projects before I fell off the face of the planet. I'll get them up as soon as possible. Finals are next week and things should settle down for a bit after that.

November 23, 2009

Flannel Update

This is Alexis's shirt made from the end of bolt flannel. It has several mistakes but otherwise turned out good. It gives her some room to grow into it. The applique was a lucky find on a clearance rack at Joann's a year ago. Gotta love the bargain shelf.

I'm still holding out for some of the other flannel to complete a shirt for myself. I'm crossing my fingers that someone out there has spotted some of the fabric on a shelf somewhere and it's wearing my name on it. If you've seen any of it, please email me.

November 20, 2009

Russell's Jacket

So, this is the Ottobre pattern I'm working on for Russell. There seems to be a certain lack of boy's patterns on the market. I invested in an Ottobre subscription for one year to try it out. I've never worked with patterns like this before. It should be an adventure to say the least. My eyes crossed when I pulled the pattern page out. Eventually, I ended up tracing around the pieces I needed for the jacket with a sharpie so I could see it better through the pattern fabric, that did the trick. I'm just hoping I have the sizing right. I WILL be making a muslin for this one, to make sure. I added 1/4" seam allowances to the pattern as I traced it. Converting the metric measurements over to inches should be fun when adding the zippers. The fabric saga continues though. Thinking I had found the perfect fabric for it, I buy it and bring it home only to hate what I had picked out. I'll find something to do with that fabric eventually but right back to the drawing board on what to make this out of. I've never worked with knits before so, a chance to gain new experience awaits me! Whoo-hoo! Let's hope this is not a total disaster, it very well could be.

November 18, 2009

More Flannel

Flannel, flannel everywhere! There's just something about flannel in fall weather. It's so snuggly and warm and perfect for shirts. I still have a shirt for myself cut out and waiting to be sewn up but I'm still lacking about 1/2 yd of the fabric to make the cuffs. If you look back a few posts, you'll see pics of it. If anyone knows where to find some of this PLEASE let me know, I'll be very appreciative and would be willing to throw a vintage pattern in on the side for the trouble. The flannel this tunic is made out of was end of bolt fabric. There was just enough to squeeze the tunic out of it WITHOUT matching. I've got to get better at that. I made view E without the ruffle for Alexis in this plaid fabric, she thinks ruffles make you look like you're from the 1700's. It's finished and in the dryer. I'm rather proud of it even though there are so many mistakes in it. She loves it, that's what counts. I'll post pics of the completed shirt in the next couple of days.

On a side note, I found a sewing guild chapter here in town! I'm going to sit in on a meeting in the next couple of weeks. I'm so excited. I've never had a group of people to sew with. I hope I'm not hyping myself up too much. I've been looking forward to something like this for a looooong time.

November 16, 2009

My New Book

Looking through the books in the craft section at the book store the other day I found this book. It was staring at me, calling my name. My boyfriend ended up getting it for me and paid around $25 for it. I'm so excited about some of the projects in this book, I've already made one of them for my son. I had just the right amount of fabric to make the small floor cushion for him. He's been dragging it all over the house since I finished. I was able to throw it together in just a couple of hours yesterday. This one will be tattered and well worn in a matter of time. Great book, practical patterns, easy to understand instructions.

November 15, 2009

I Like This Jacket

The picture arrangement makes it look like the cat picture is the jacket I'm referring to....
Just a useless observation.

I absolutely love the way this jacket turned out. Originally I was going to make the whole thing out of the blue fleece but, I ran short of this fabric (this fleece has been in my stash for almost three years...) The cream colored remnant with the hearts on it finished it wonderfully. I admit I was not paying too much attention while I was cutting the heart fabric and some of the hearts are upside down but, I'm o.k. with this as is Alexis. She's worn this jacket EVERYWHERE since I finished it Friday. If you notice the picture with the construction of the pockets, the buttonholes were not all that even. I ended up measuring and remarking them myself. These were my first real buttonholes on any project and I feel like they turned out well. I was, however, using a vintage machine attachment for buttonholes made by the Geist Co. that I found at an estate sale some time back. It worked wonderfully and now I don't feel I have to avoid projects with buttonholes. I have a limited number of size cards for the attachment, I'm o.k. with this because I found I do not like small buttons and most of these are guides for larger buttonholes. The pockets were some of my best pockets ever. They are straight and even and the machine didn't hitch up on the stitching to make a mess of the fabric. I would highly recommend this pattern to anyone wanting to make a fall jacket for a young girl. It went together easily and quickly. It definately boosted my sewing esteem.

The kitty in the picture at the top is Bones. He was a stray in our neighborhood who found us. Anyone who knows anything about cats knows that you don't find cats, they find you. He wandered up on our step a little over a month ago, when the weather was really bad. This is a picture that was taken after he was with us for about three weeks as before that the pictures would have been too disturbing to show. We are lucky he's alive. He was so far gone when we took him into the vet the first time we didn't have to use a crate. He sat calmly in my lap in the waiting room and did nothing buy lay on my jacket in the exam room. Every bone in his body protruded out from his skin and he did not even have the energy to play. It was determined we could not give him his shots right away because he was so unhealthy. Fleas, worms, ear mites, malnutrition, lacerations, the poor little guy had been lucky to survive as long as he did. His feline leukemia/FIV tests were negative, we were extremely happy about this. He was about 3 1/2 months old and weighed less than 3 lbs. His last visit to the vet was about a week ago. He received his shots and weighed in at a healthy 6.3 lbs, still growing and turning into a dear of a cat. He has quite the purring motor, once he starts he doesn't like to stop. We are still battling tapeworms and hopefully we can have this nixed soon. I'm looking forward to seeing just how big of a cat he's going to be. He got his name from two places, the first was the show Bones on t.v., and the second, he was a bag of bones when he wandered onto our step. It suits him wonderfully and hopefully he'll stick around long enough to make great use of it.

November 14, 2009

THAT Hoodie

I'm going to post the last few projects I've been working on in order over a few days so one post does not end up too picture heavy. I seem to be picture stingy lately and am attempting to fix that. Comments and Emails are much appreciated!

Here's the hoodie. This is the one that my machines went down on. The one I think looks like it belongs in a circus show. I love the stripes and the colors, I planned poorly. This would have looked much better had I placed the stripes going horizontal instead of vertical. I'm not very happy with the sleeves at the cuffs as I would like an actual cuff, like on a sweatshirt, and this does not have it. I made a boo boo on the hood but was able to adjust slightly for it. I can see the mistake and if you look hard enough at the close up of the hood and zipper, you may be able to see it too. My matching is atrocious. This is a flaw in my sewing habits that I must fix and soon.

November 13, 2009

So Im a Neurotic Personality....

Not to mention I have erratic behavior tendencies. I like to refer to it as spontaneity. Both of these traits show in my sewing. I start out with a few pre-planned projects and get sidetracked along the way. When I have the time, I will go back to back with projects and get as many done as I can. Then, I will go long periods with sewing nothing at all, my poor, beloved machine (which has been worked mercilessly lately) collecting dust while I'm on some other kick/trend. The hoodie which was half finished when both my machines were wounded in action is now complete. I'm not very happy with it at all (will post pics very soon) will be used as a house jacket. The reason for this will become evident when the pictures are posted and I give more details on the project. Almost as soon as I completed the hoodie (the same day actually) I began cutting a jacket pattern for my daughter. Thursday morning I set out to cut the pattern from the fabrics and mark it. Well, I got a little obsessed and ended up completing it by Thursday evening. This jacket makes me very happy for a few reasons. It was not a difficult pattern, it went together quickly, even though I ran out of the blue fleece I was originally going to make the whole jacket from I managed to dig up a remnant from my stash that completed it while making it look wonderful at the same time and, last but not least (the biggest reason in my book) my daughter LOVES it. She put it on and ran outside to show it to all of her friends. Plans were made to wear it today but I had to use a little elbow grease to get the markings out from the buttonholes. Initial wearing was postponed until this afternoon when the wash/dry cycle was complete. It is still on its initial run, running around the house. I'll have to wrestle her out of it to get her to bed. Well, the story does not end there. I was still feeling inspired Thursday night after completing the jacket so I went back to my pattern and fabric stash. Current project is a tunic for Alexis made from end of bolt plaid shirting fabric. The tunic sits on my ironing board half finished when I look at the Ottobre magazine and I find a zip jacket I want to make for Russell. Out comes the tracing fabric and the insert from the magazine. My kitchen table is now covered with tracing fabric, pattern pages and a pen. Apparently I don't know when to quit. The upside to it is that I have all weekend to work on the two and hopefully finish at least one. Pictures will be coming before Monday so check back to see them! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend :)

November 11, 2009

Happy Veteran's Day

A huge thanks to all the vets out there! Your service is much a appreciated.

November 10, 2009

One Down, One to Go

My sewing machine is home and working. I left it with them for an hour and it was fixed when I returned. The timing is off on the serger. They're really backed up with orders right now so, it's gonna take about a week to get it back. The good news is, it is still under warranty so, nothing out of pocket to get it fixed. I love my sewing maching repair shop. If anyone is familiar with Erie, I frequent Yaple's on 26th street. Wonderful people, very knowledgeable, and great service. They have a lifetime customer here. At least at this point I can finish my hoodie. I need to take the machine in at the end of the month for a service. I'm gonna go through sewing withdrawls. Oh well, I guess it's all in a days work for the seamstresses among us.

P.S. I never did find the pedal for Lexi's machine. I feel a fit of spring cleaning coming on.

November 9, 2009

Confessions of a Pattern Hoarder and a Gaming Junkie? What gives?

I hoard patterns, shamelessly. My basement has one whole corner devoted to nothing but holding my beautiful patterns from floor to ceiling. I have them dating from the mid-1930's to the present. I admit, with no guilt whatsoever, that I will continue to hoard them, even against my boyfriends better judgement. I have a theory (for my hoarding obsession anyway) that I will stop when I find, "that pattern", the elusive "one". A pattern to end all patterns, one that will speak to me in a way no other pattern has, it will rush to my rescue and cause me to cease my uncontrollable urges to stockpile these little beauties.

In an alternate reality maybe. Who am I kidding? I've been bitten by the vintage pattern bug. It is like malaria, lasting for days on end in a feverish state, needing that fix from your next score, only to end in a lethargic state from the intensive stalking...I mean searching for your next victim. Maybe not that extreme but you get the idea, I can't help myself. Even if one day they did come up with a cure for obsessions, I don't think I would take it. To take it would be to take my passion and that's something I'm not giving up anytime soon (over my dead body actually).
Just like my pattern obsession I have been bitten by the computer gaming bug. A game that I discovered a few months back called Second Life has my attention also, I'm hooked. Lately you can find me running around disguised as a ring-tailed lemur in female form, I can even fly and change my hair color to boot. It's a game that even though I want to drop it like a hot potato sometimes, I cannot. I have a small plot of land I have been decorating lately. There's a house, a few trees and it's surrounded by water. In the next few weeks, I'm even gonna put a sewing machine there too. What a kick, this machine will probably work better than my real life machines at this point.
By the way, I take both of them in tomorrow to fix their boo boo's. Let's hope this turns out prettier than what I'm expecting.

No Such Luck

After spending all day in the basement looking for the pedal....I couldn't find it. It was the sewing weekend from Hell. Hopefully this weekend will be better. I'm determined to make it that way.

November 8, 2009

An Epiphany

I'm a genius, not really. An idea did strike in my sleep though. I'm going to use my daughter's sewing machine to finish my hoodie! See, I told you I was a genius....o.k., o.k., so I'm not, I'll live. Just keep your fingers crossed that I'm not cursed and I don't make her machine go the way of mine right now. All I have left to finish on the hoodie are the sleeves, zipper and hem so, not much. Now, lets see if I can get the boyfriend to help me haul the machine and table out of the basement ;)

November 7, 2009

What is Going On at My House?

The sewing machine is down for the count and so is the serger....I think I'm cursed. The serger won't chain and the sewing machine keeps throwing stitches. I think those ghosts we were watching on TV earlier jumped outta the screen and into my kitchen. So, you know what this means? I can't finish getting my sewing fix until I can get them looked at on Tuesday. Grrr, what a way to start the weekend.

Finished Gown

Here is the finished gown I was working on not long after our move. I finished it a few weeks ago and the kid has been loathe to take it off ever since (I'm sorta proud of this). It was obvious from her measurements and the pattern itself that this was gonna be big on her, I didn't have a problem with this as she can get more wear out of it. I did have to take a good 6 inches off the hem to make it short enough for I left a good deal of length IN the hem so I can let it out as she gets taller (if that ever happens). It is a bit wrinkled in the pic because it had been put into a pile of clothes fresh out of the dryer. I still have some of the striped flannel left and want to make the robe for her. I think I am gonna use Lisa's idea and use some coordinating solid flannel to make the yoke of the robe. The next time I go to Joann's I'll take the remainder of the fabric with me to match it up. If nothing else, I can make the robe from white flannel and create a pillow for her out of the striped flannel.

I did learn a lesson about what type of trim NOT to use around a neckline. This was lovely trim that I found on clearance at Hancock's about a year ago. It had been sitting in my stash since then. It matched perfectly and so I put it to use. I'll have to get a more detailed shot of it to post. It is crocheted with lace run through the middle portion to make a woven look. It worked wonderfully around the arms but, not so well around the neck because of tension on the outer side of the trim, it causes the trim to roll up and sit funny. I also determined that I really dislike 1/2" buttons, they are just too small for my fingers. For any future projects, I'll pay special attention to the button section to determine whether or not I can make room for larger buttons.
All in all, I'm happy with the way the gown turned out and I am very happy that she likes it so much. I know I don't have much longer before she loses interest in the things I make her (the teen years are approaching way too fast for comfort). As much room as she has in this gown, she may be wearing it into her teen years...

November 6, 2009

In Lieu of Flannel

Until I can get more of the flannel fabric for the cuffs I am going to be working on fleece hoodies for the family to get ready for winter. I'm experimenting with this pattern for myself first so I can work out all the bugs and make some really nice ones for the kids and boyfriend. The last hoodie I made didn't turn out so well. I seem to have an issue getting sizes right. I measure, make the size according to the measurements on the individual pattern and it's still off somehow. My some measured in for a size 8 on a Simplicity pattern, the size 10 just seemed too big. The hoodie was made and it was the right size alright, almost skin tight right size, way too short also. The zipper size the packaging called for was off by 6 inches too. By the time I finished with the garment I was fed up with sewing for a bit. Yeah, right, it only took me two weeks to get back to it and here I am. I will, however, not purchase the zippers anymore until it is time to put them in.

November 5, 2009

THIS IS IT!! I need 1/2 yard, can anyone help me out PLEASE?

My Sister

Hi, just wanted to introduce my sis!
Check out her blog, she's got all sorts of great ideas although, I'm not going to applaud her gardening skills as these do not run in our family. Hugs to my sis!

P.S. I'll be posting a pic of that fabric I mentioned yesterday as soon as the camera charges (it's charging right now) I'm eager to get to work on the shirt.

November 4, 2009

I'm Still Alvie

I'm posting from Sacred Scripture class. Yes, I know, I'm being bad. It's repetitive =(. I am putting out a request for help finding some fabric. I need 1/2 yd. It comes from Joann's, from the English Accent Collection. It's flannel and has blue, white and yellow plaid colors. The Joann's near my house is no longer getting it in and I need enough to cut the cuffs for a shirt. I will post a picture of it as soon as I can. If you know what I'm talking about or would be willing to help me get the amount I need, PLEASE EMAIL ME!!! Thank You.

July 18, 2009

Lexi's Pajamas

Right now all I'm working on is the gown, (the gown on the left). I will make her the robe later. I'm just short of the amount of fabric to make both. If I get lucky I can pull something sneaky and fit it on the yardage that is left. It's gonna be hard with the stripes. I picked the type of fabric for her (a quilter's flannel I got on sale at Joann's about a year ago) and then let her pick the print. I was hoping she would pick the skull print that I have but she went for the stripes. Maybe it will help her look taller ;).

On a separate note, I'm checking out Ottobre patterns. I got the first magazine in the mail. I have to admit, I'm not very impressed with the Women's patterns, they just aren't my style. The children's patterns are fantastic though. I'm having to figure out how to convert the sizes from European to U.S., shouldn't be too hard. I like the fact that they have a good deal more boy's patterns than other pattern companies, patterns that don't require buttons every time you turn around. I am happy about this because I can now make Russ a lot more. He gets the short end of this stick with the sewing sometimes because I shy away from buttons so much and so many of the patterns that I like for him require them. I did promise him a hoodie before the weather turns cool, he was very happy about that.

July 17, 2009

No Excuses

I have been an unforgivable lump for three days. Barely keeping laundry done and staring at my new sewing project. All the moving and unpacking fried my brain for a short while I think. I am feeling the itch to stitch though. Summer is moving at a nice pace here and I want to enjoy some time getting some things completed at my desk soon. My "want-to-do" list is growing and I'm just sitting on it like a hen on eggs. I think I am about to get my mojo back though.

July 10, 2009

My New Sewing Digs!

Here we are. It's still very unornganized and cluttered but I have alot of moving around left to do and I'm looking into getting a shelf unit with doors on it to use for fabric and fun stuff like that. It will be slow coming together considering I'm still decorating the living room, kitchen, and bathroom. I'm not even gonna start on the kids rooms at this point. Alexis has hers halfway there, Russell's looks like a bomb went off. He did not inherit ANY organizational skills from me. I have a pattern for a gown cut out right now waiting to be put onto fabric for Alexis. Her SpongeBob pj's are almost too small for her now and she needs something to do for the cooler nights here on the lake. I will post pics as soon as I get it going.

July 7, 2009

Finally Moved In!

Yesterday we got our furniture and other items delivered to us. It's been a long two days. We have been unpacking and sorting and, unpacking and sorting some more. I have the beginnings of my sewing area set up in the basement. There is still alot of adjusting to do to get it up and running. Hopefully I can post pictures for you guys by the end of the week. I'm really hoping to get back to more regular posting VERY SOON. I have a couple of projects on the burner once some minor curtain and pajama repairs are finished. Keep coming back, things are going to start picking up again soon. Thanks for stopping in even during this long and never ending move (at least it seemed that way).

June 30, 2009

We Finally got Moved In!

Why, yes, yes, we did move into our own place over the weekend. I also start work on Monday, YAY!!!! We also get our things from storage delivered on Monday. Monday will be a good day. Tomorrow will be a good day too. The BF has a job interview, cross your fingers that all goes well. It would be really great to have both of us employed by the end of the month.

I would like to welcome a follower that joined in my absence. digitalliz, my sister is now a fan of mine! Whoohoo. I'd also like to welcome all of my other followers! I'm not great with meet and greets. It's great to have you all here. Hopefully within the next week, I will have the beginnings of a sewing area in the basement to take pictures of for everyone!

June 24, 2009

Calling All Erie, Pa Sewist!

If you live in the Erie vicinity and you want to meet up, PLEASE, email me! I'm trying to be proactive here. The Sewing Guild has a chapter about 3 hours from here but, I need something closer. I don't have the time and resources at the moment to try to start a chapter. You don't have to be a vintage sewer, sewing in general is all the interest required. These meetings can be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, it doesn't matter. Have a friend that sews in the area? Please refer them to my blog. Help me be proactive and send me an email and lets start a small group of enthusiasts in the area, I swear, I don't bite. :)

June 22, 2009

Guess What

I am gainfully employed. Unofficially at this point but once the paperwork is submitted tomorrow, I'll have a job. My new super seems uber kewl to boot. I won't be making a 40 mile, one way commute either. At the most, I'll be making a 15 minute commute. This is really shaping up. We should know more by Wednesday about the apartment so, keep your fingers crossed in that department. I gotta run now, dinner is waiting!

June 21, 2009

Short Story Fans?

Who is a short story fan? Short stories are not my normal choice for reading but, with extra time on my hands, no extra money and the books at the in-laws house just lying there begging to be read, I picked up a short story book. The author is Joe Hill, the book, 20th Century Ghosts. Most of the stories have been good. I'm down to the last story in the book to read. I have found though, that I'm not a literary minded person (if that's the correct wording). I'm a lazy reader who doesn't like to come up with the answers myself the way this author wants you to, so this leads to some disappointment for me. If someone has read this book, especially "My Father's Mask", please send me a spoiler. I'm dying to know the meaning of this story. This may give me some closure to this particular story and help me get some sleep tonight instead of sitting up wondering what the H-E-double hockey sticks this guy is trying to say with this story.

New Place

It looks like we will be moving into our own place by next weekend! As long as everything keeps going the way it's going, we are golden. I'm starting to let myself get excited. I was afraid to do that before the last call from the new landlord.

I'm still waiting on the second half of my interview. I went to the on-site location to meet with my new supervisor on Thursday night. Nobody was there. There had been an emergency and everyone had had to leave. I go back tomorrow night to finish up and get the employment process rolling again.

June 18, 2009


Thank the good Lord, we found a place to live. We should be moving in by the end of the month. It only took two weeks. I have to be honest, I was beginning to lose a little hope. We would get out of bed in the morning and begin scouring newspapers and rental websites and also cruise potential neighborhoods. We ran across alot of places that would suit our needs but they would not allow our pets. And now, what a nice man we seem to have found to rent from. Keep fingers and toes crossed that everything continues to move in this direction. We had placed a deposit for the apartment we were originally going to rent and the owners of that property have yet to refund it! Bad form. Luckily we have enough put away to cover the needed costs but we still need the other back, that was a large chunk of change that we both worked hard for. B works for a law firm and one of the lawyers has offered to help us out. We both hate to go this route but they have had plenty of time to get our money back to us. I noticed while looking through listings that the lady with the crappy property was listing under three different names. Hind-site is 20/20. This just goes to prove that long distance moves are not easy.

I go for the second part of my interview in about an hour. I could potentially be working part-time with Autistic patients on second shift. This would work out wonderfully because I begin my sophmore year of Nursing school in August. I found out at the beginning of this week I have about $400 worth of supplies to get that I don't currently have the money for. Hopefully I can begin working by the end of the month and get the needed funds in time. I had no idea that this could get so expensive. I have also made my first visit to the doctor to get necessary blood work and vaccinations out of the way. I'm about half finished with this process. I think the word pincushion just about covers it. I am looking forward to it though. Only three years to go until I get my BSN! Hard work, work, work...........

June 16, 2009

Not Enough Coffee

The "no caffeine" headaches are the worst.  But, there is good news.  I may have a job by the end of the week and Jeremy is taking his civil service exam right now in hopes of snagging a job also.  Still no place to live, the search continues.  I'm seriously considering composing a letter to the editor of the local paper about the "no pets" situation.  We have called so many phone numbers and not one allows pets.  Being a RESPONSIBLE pet owner, I have plenty of rants over this situation but I will reserve them at this time.  Most of them are not very polite anyway.  

Another two days has passed and still no sewing machine or patterns.  I'm wondering how long this forced dry spell is going to last.  Hopefully not too much longer.

June 14, 2009

Confessions of a Pattern Hoarder

I've completely missed one confession and now, I'm totally late on this one.  I do apologize for this but, one does not move four states away very often. 

How bad is my pattern hoarding?  I haven't been able to lay hands on any of my patterns to pacify myself or go looking for new ones at sales.  In one word, WITHDRAWALS.  There comes a point when everyone reaches their limit and can't put a certain thing down.  Sewing and pattern collecting are mine.  I think I even copped a small attitude yesterday when passing a sale I just knew would have been wonderful to stop at and couldn't.  The Bible verse, "and this too shall pass", keeps running through my head.  I wonder how long this will hold me.

June 13, 2009

A Beautiful Kenmore

I ventured up to the attic yesterday and it was a fruitful trip. Lurking in the corner with boxes blocking it was a small sewing table with a fold-over leaf in mahogany finish. It took a few minutes to move the boxes to the side in an organized manner without falling down the stairs. (There is no railing and I am scared to death of heights) Just my luck, there was a plug in right next to where I moved the table when I pulled it out. The light came right on and the thread pin screwed in easily. I have to figure out how to thread this machine, it is similar to Alexis' machine but with some extras on the top. It shouldn't take too much to get it running. B says it needs to be serviced but it's nothing I can't do myself. She even says she might be interested in letting it go to make room in the attic. The sewing book that was laying next to it (which is also fabulous) is dated 1971, this is around the same time the machine was manufactured. The only thing missing is the machine's manual. Maybe it will pop up while I'm tinkering with the machine. I think the attic will be my new hang-out until I can have my machine back on my desk.

Update on house hunting: We are going to look at a row house today in an acceptable neighborhood. The owner doesn't mind our animals and the rent is not outrageous so this could be a strong possibility for us. There is another row house coming available near the end of the month also that could be promising. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

June 11, 2009

Could it Be?

No, no house yet, we are looking, every day.  I went to the art store last night for a sketch pad and pencils.  While I'm out, future mother-in-law says she has a sewing machine in the attic, it just needs to be serviced........should I do it?

June 10, 2009

Still Looking for a Place to Live

Apparently the city we moved to is NOT and I repeat NOT pet friendly unless you are willing to pay almost $1000/month  for rent and utilities.  We are staying with relatives until we find a place that will suit our needs, I'm just beginning to get a bit depressed about not finding something sooner.  The saddest part of it is, we had a place lined up, got up here and the place was a train wreck.  There was no way we were renting it.  The best laid plans huh?  I'm only getting to log onto the web every couple of days and my patterns and machine will be in storage until we find a place so cross your fingers we find a place....soon.  I'm having sewing withdrawls.

June 6, 2009

Still Alive

Hi everyone, I'm still alive. What was supposed to be a seamless interstate move has become the move from H.E.L.L. Our apartment fell through and we are staying with the BF's parents until our new place of residence becomes available. I will be posting periodically until we get moved into the new place. All of my patterns are in transit and then will be in storage :(. Happy Sewing to all of you until I get my machine back.

June 1, 2009

Friday Finds

Friday was my day to hit all the local sales.  I came home with one box full of goodies, notions, fabric, patterns, even a small pattern for a handmade felt cardinal on a pin (I will post on this later).  I came home with quite a bit of vintage fabric which I'm very pleased with.  A beautiful gabardine, blue shirting fabric, red calico, and a mystery fabric which I have posted over at Sew Retro in better detail.  

May 28, 2009

One of My "Busy" Projects

This is one of the projects that has helped keep me busy through last week.  My ironing board cover screamed "you're wrong" every time I tried to iron on it.  Really, there was no excuse for the shape it was in other than sheer laziness.  I dropped everything to make a new cover, which I'm very happy with.  I used a Kwik Sew pattern for the cover, sleeve roll, and tailor's ham.  The pattern called for the ham and roll to be filled with saw dust.  Not having any of that readily available and having no clue where to get it, I opted for rice.  This seemed a reasonable substitute to me.  Each piece was easy to put together and turned out well.  The board cover pattern was made for a board a bit larger than mine.  I just need to go it and tighten up the elastic to make it fit better (that's where the gathering is coming from).  I am keeping this pattern in my stash as a "go-to" pattern for future purposes.  Another board cover is in order so I can rotate the two out and save some wear and tear on them.

May 27, 2009

Alexis' First Project and Sewing Machine

The gods have decided to teach me patience.  I am teaching Alexis to sew.  I got her a machine from and estate sale a couple of months ago.  After about an hour of adjusting and playing with the machine it was ready to go.  I had her cut, lay, and pin the pattern out over the last three days.  She decided to make pajama pants.  It's a Simplicity "Learn to Sew" pattern, #3553.  It is a modern pattern.  She chose some striped flannel from my stash and we had just enough.  The machine is a 1975 Singer Fashion Mate Model 360.  It had several different feet and fashion discs for decorative stitching.  It's also mounted in a beautiful table.  Alexis is doing rather well on straight stitches and is working on curves.  She did an outstanding job pinning the pattern to the flannel, she did all of it by herself.   I've had her practicing on scraps before she starts each section.  I'm happy she has taken such an interest in sewing and wanting to learn.

May 26, 2009

Confessions of a Pattern Hoarder

I just keep buying more.  There are boxes full of patterns in my closet that I need to re-home and yet I keep buying more.  In search of those elusive "my size" patterns with just the right look to them.  When will it stop?  I guess i will be drowning in pattern paper before I stop.

May 25, 2009

My Apologies

I am attempting to make my blog more user friendly.  I have screwed up.  This will only be a temporary background until I find one that suits my needs.  There needs to be more room across for larger pictures to be inserted without making the posts a mile long.  If anyone has any suggestions as to where I might find something like I'm looking for, please leave me a comment.

Update, I like this template better but now I need to figure out how to change some colors, the pink has to go from the backgrounds.  I think purple would be great and wouldn't clash with the flowers.

Ann's Dress

Our neighbor's daughter is almost 2.  She's a very SMALL 2.  I used a size 2 pattern to cut this dress and just cut the seam allowance off to make it smaller.  She should have room to grow into the dress over the summer.  I used the rest of the cherry fabric that was left over from making Alexis' dress.  It took some creative cutting to get it to work but it did.  This is just one of the many projects I've been working on this week around cleaning and hosting a yard sale.  We will be making our big move to Pennsylvania next week and I wanted Ann's dress finished before we left.  The back has and elastic casing built into the inside of the waistline in the back.  I used some cheap silk to make the facing with and hem tape to finish the hem.  Ann is tall and thin and I didn't want to lose and length on the skirt while making this.  The pattern was a 1955 McCall's, #3346.  

Have a Good Memorial Day!

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May 23, 2009

Busy Busy Week

I do apologize for my "blogger/radio silence" on sewing this week.  As things go, I ended up with three more projects to work on, along with everyday stuff to take care of also.  I hope to be posting on this in more detail over this week as I begin to get things done and get a bit more organized.  I will be post pictures of a wonderful stack of "Work Basket" booklets I ended up with from the 40's, 50's, and 60's.  

May 21, 2009

Yard Sale!

My yard sale has been a hit, I'm really surprised since it's a Thursday.  I'm gonna set back up for a little bit tomorrow afternoon and on Saturday morning.  We are moving in two weeks and things really needed to be weeded out.  I had no idea I had so much stuff.  I don't even remember purchasing some of these things.  It's nice to know though that I have good taste and my things are selling so well.

May 20, 2009

Bead and Button Magazines

I have an extensive collection of Bead and Button magazines from all different years along with many other crafting and beading magazine back issues.  As we were spring cleaning today I ran across the collection.  I have decided to sell it.  I am asking $75 firm as there is a good collection of back issues here.  They have been kept individually in plastic sleeves and those sleeves kept in binders to help protect them.  This will be a local pick up item only.  I am in Clarksville, TN for interested parties.  I will post pictures later.  Thanks for looking!

May 19, 2009

Confessions of a Pattern Hoarder

I buy.......Ugly Patterns.  Yup, it happens.  I have three boxes full that I consider ugly.  I seriously need to get these out of my sewing area.  The boxes are currently the table for my sewing lamp to sit on so it doesn't take up an space on my sewing desk.  Most of these patterns are from the 80's.  I'm just not an 80's fan, even being a child of that decade.  Is it vintage pattern sacrilege to sell these at a yard sale?  

May 18, 2009

And We Have Fold-Over Elastic!

I am putting said elastic on as I'm typing this (in between using the sewing machine of course).  It's fairly easy to work with.  I tried taking pictures but my camera is not picking up the details or taking a clear shot of it.  A hook and eye on the ends and Alexis should have her slip before dinner.  I'll start work on the crinoline tomorrow probably.  I've been resizing a Butterick Pattern from the 50's this weekend while waiting on the elastic to come in.  I've never sized anything before.  I surprised myself.  I'm now on to the alteration phase of the project for the bodice.  I still have to size the skirt up which will be a massive undertaking since it is not cut in sections just one huge half circle that is supposed to be cut on a fold.  This dress will bring alot of firsts for me.  This will also be the first time I took on a project with so many buttonholes.  Usually one buttonhole is more than enough for me.  

May 16, 2009

The Slip for Alexis' Dress

I had to grade the slip up from a size 6 to a semi size 8 for the slip.  I added and 1 inch to the sides and two in length to fit the dress.  It is sized perfectly.  I am waiting on some fold over elastic to come in the mail to finish the slip.  I have all of the crinoline parts graded and cut out, just waiting on the foldover elastic for that too.  I'm making both the slip and the crinoline, you know how finicky ten year old girls can be.  This way she has the option to wear either or both underneath.  I added ruffles to the slip just for extra cuteness.

May 14, 2009

Blogger Buddy Award

I'm reciprocating the award I got from Sew ducky!. I'm also sending this out to Dolly from The Dolly Blogge. Both have been great and I look forward to getting to know both of them better.

May 13, 2009

Alexis' Dress

I'm taking a break from my Vogue Dress for now.  Yesterday I worked on a dress for my daughter, Alexis.  I'm very happy with the way it turned out.  I used a McCall's pattern from 1959, #5264, for a simple dress.  My daughter is VERY petite for her age, she will be 10 in July, this pattern is a size 7, I did not grade this pattern in any way and it fit perfectly with a little extra room to move.  I swear I DO feed my children very well and they are kept clean and healthy, shortness just runs in the family.  I used the cherry fabric I ended up with a few weeks back.  She has a cherry printed headband that she is wearing in her hair that you can't see very well in the photo.  Of course being herself, she added her own touches to the ensemble with the tights.  I will be making a crinoline for her out of white organza and possibly satin(?), I'll have to see what I have in my stash for the yoke and slip portion.  I should begin work on the crinoline tonight or tomorrow.  She and her brother were clowning around so I decided to use the time for a photo op for my personal collection.  We are also introducing Alley, the Australian Cattle Dog and perpetual puppy.