June 13, 2009

A Beautiful Kenmore

I ventured up to the attic yesterday and it was a fruitful trip. Lurking in the corner with boxes blocking it was a small sewing table with a fold-over leaf in mahogany finish. It took a few minutes to move the boxes to the side in an organized manner without falling down the stairs. (There is no railing and I am scared to death of heights) Just my luck, there was a plug in right next to where I moved the table when I pulled it out. The light came right on and the thread pin screwed in easily. I have to figure out how to thread this machine, it is similar to Alexis' machine but with some extras on the top. It shouldn't take too much to get it running. B says it needs to be serviced but it's nothing I can't do myself. She even says she might be interested in letting it go to make room in the attic. The sewing book that was laying next to it (which is also fabulous) is dated 1971, this is around the same time the machine was manufactured. The only thing missing is the machine's manual. Maybe it will pop up while I'm tinkering with the machine. I think the attic will be my new hang-out until I can have my machine back on my desk.

Update on house hunting: We are going to look at a row house today in an acceptable neighborhood. The owner doesn't mind our animals and the rent is not outrageous so this could be a strong possibility for us. There is another row house coming available near the end of the month also that could be promising. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

June 11, 2009

Could it Be?

No, no house yet, we are looking, every day.  I went to the art store last night for a sketch pad and pencils.  While I'm out, future mother-in-law says she has a sewing machine in the attic, it just needs to be serviced........should I do it?

June 10, 2009

Still Looking for a Place to Live

Apparently the city we moved to is NOT and I repeat NOT pet friendly unless you are willing to pay almost $1000/month  for rent and utilities.  We are staying with relatives until we find a place that will suit our needs, I'm just beginning to get a bit depressed about not finding something sooner.  The saddest part of it is, we had a place lined up, got up here and the place was a train wreck.  There was no way we were renting it.  The best laid plans huh?  I'm only getting to log onto the web every couple of days and my patterns and machine will be in storage until we find a place so cross your fingers we find a place....soon.  I'm having sewing withdrawls.