December 31, 2011

Purple People Eaters are Real?

After much measuring, cutting, pinning and sewing, let me just say, "IT LIVES!"  That probably sounds like something you would hear around Halloween but, in this case, the phrase is justified.  The bodice all but stands on its own and the spiral boning in the train of the skirt makes the hemline act as if it has a life of its own.  So, without further ado....The purple people eater.

I never claimed to be the modeling type, let the dress speak for itself.  I love when Joann's puts their red tag fabrics on sale for 50% off of red tag price.  Corduroy and faux embellished taffeta are the major fabrics used for this steampunk creation.

Truly Victorian patterns were used for the skirt, petticoat and bodice.  The dinner bodice pattern from the natural form era was used for the bodice with major changes to the sleeve.  Lots of trim!  Let the trimming begin!

The fantail skirt pattern was used for the skirt.  The train is lovely but it needed lots of support to make it lay correctly.   Horsehair braid and spiral steel boning went a long way in this case.

Detail shot of train.

Bodice and button detail

I love these sleeved and I should after the work it took to make them look like this.  The sleeve was originally a two-piece coat sleeve that I modified the sleeve cap on.  A lining piece and base for the outer side of the sleeve were drafted.  Once the fashion fabric was shirred in the desired places, it was then flat lined to the base over the shirring stitches and then treated as once piece.  Some trim around the bottom of the sleeve modification and the arm give the sleeve a more finished look.
The necklace was made with dyed beads and a pendant from various sources.

Who doesn't love a small top hat?  Lynn McMasters patterns rule!  I am still thinking about doing some changes on the ribbon but for the most part, the hat went together well and without as much hassle as I thought it would be.  Let me just say that I am very thankful for thimbles...

Have pattern and sewing machine, will make things.  Just a detail shot of the ribbon on the hat.