July 28, 2011

Check Out My Transitional Hoop Outfit!

Here is a post Civil War get-up over an early bustle, otherwise known as a transitional hoop.  I apologize for the poor picture quality, it was snapped quickly with a cell phone camera in a dimly lit corner of the room.  The bustle is there but it still retains a hoop at the bottom to keep the skirts fuller.  With the invention of aniline dyes during the 19th century colors such as these would have been used and were gaining popularity, much to the dismay of some fashion conservatives.
I used Truly Victorian Patterns (  The combination is the Vest Basque, Grand Parlor Skirt and Grand Bustle.  My chemise and Corset are by Laughing Moon Mercantile (  I used the Silverado corset pattern.
The outfit is made of two shades of silk dupioni.  There are plans to add single fold bias trim to the tails of the bodice as seen on the collar and cuffs.  Also there will be a 4 inch knife pleat ruffle added around the hem of the skirt.  My passamenterie is going to be rather utilitarian with this dress as I feel the colors and design speak plenty on their own.  It has been in the works for the better part of two weeks and is still not completely finished but by this weekend, all should be done.