August 19, 2011

1865 Bodice Update

So, I stared at the three bodice patterns I have in my possession and decided I don't like any of them for what I want to make.  It sucks, especially when I'm on a deadline.  Yes, I have plenty of time before the weekend of September 17 but, I want this finished well ahead of time with enough time to crank out another dress if I feel so inclined.  The upside is that I already have the fabric for the other dress and can start on that while I wait on the pattern for the blue dress to come in.

August 16, 2011

Elliptical Skirt

Aren't my titles so original lately?  I'll blame it on sleep deprivation brought on by my sewing mojo being in overdrive.

So here is the skirt that goes with the cage crinoline and petticoat from the two previous posts.  I've been a busy girl.  The skirt is made of silk taffeta and is self faced.

I'm sorry to say it may be next week before the bodice is finished.  It is the most involved piece of the ensemble with interlining and lining along with a lot of fitting before hand but, just like the crinoline, it will be well worth the effort and in the end, I will have a gown fit for 1865.

August 15, 2011

Operation Petticoat

I love muslin.  In the last two months, I have gone through 4 25yd bolts of the stuff and now I need more.  But here is what ate up my last bolt, aside from chemises and test fittings.

You can just see the outline of the crinoline peeking through the front.  The back is done in a mystery lace.  About 5 years ago, someone gave me a roll that must have had about 50 yards on it.  The lace was ruffled with the ruffle attachment and placed about 3 inches apart across the back and side back panels.  I still have plenty of ruffled lace left over.  I can't say that it is anywhere near period correct but it is what I had and it gets the job done.

August 14, 2011

Elliptical Crinoline Adventures

Here is what my table looked like while I was putting my elliptical cage crinoline together (pattern by  Normally my table is clutter free while working on a project but it looked like my sewing shelf threw up during this particular project.

It is made with a muslin bag for the bottom hoops, finished with a zig-zag stitch, which I wasn't very impressed with and do think from now on I will just fold it over like I usually do.  The actual cage was built with 1/2" hooping wire, also from Truly Victorian, pre-made bone casing (Delicious llc.), a belting kit I have had laying around for a LONG time and a whole lot of patience.  Hooping, I found, does not like to behave very well when it gets into cramped spaces.  My boyfriend had to keep coming inside from working on his truck to hold the thing up for me while I fed it under the machine.  A word of caution if working on this project alone, always let someone know where you are and what you are doing.  I got hung up a few times in the wires.  But then again, I was supposed to sew the horizontal bones on by hand :/.  I had to be smart and show it could be done by machine.

All in all, the end result was very much worth the effort.