April 10, 2009

Just Because Pattern Giveaway!

Here's a selection of four patterns in varying sizes. I rescues most of these from a box full of water on an outdoor shelf at a small antique store in town. There is some mildew damage to the covers but the patterns themselves seem in good shape. I have dried and aired them out as much as possible. I'm hoping someone will enjoy them.
Rules of the contest: This will be a totally random drawing. All comments must be listed by midnight Central time on April 18. I will draw in the morning of the 19th and post the winner. The winner can then contact me through email for mailing information.

I will refer to the patterns as 1-5 in descending order.
Pattern one: W-23", McCall's Junior/Teen Skirt in three versions. Some mildew damage to cover with one corner torn and missing. There is a torn area in the middle of the instructions that causes a few holes that are identical in four or five places throughout the instructions. There is very little information missing from these holes. The pattern is uncut and still factory folded.
Pattern two: size 12, Misses' Coat or Jacket and Dress. There is no actual envelope for this pattern. There is a cutout that hugs the pattern with a picture of the completed pattern. The pattern is complete and still factory folded.
Pattern three: Jr. Petite, size 7jp, bust 32". Simplicity Junior Petites' Suit. This is another pattern that I rescued from a box of water. There is mildew damage to the envelope , one side is split but it still holds the pattern well. There is mildew damage to the instructions but they are still readable. The pattern is cut and neatly folded. It is UNCHECKED.
Pattern four: size 11, bust 31 1/2". McCall's Misses' and Junior Dress in Two lengths. Mildew damage to the envelope with a torn flap. Minor damage to the instructions. The instructions are still readable. The pattern is cut and neatly folded. It is UNCHECKED.
Pattern five: petite, size 6-8, waist 23-24". Simplicity Misses' Jiffy Front Wrap Skirt. Envelope is in great shape with wear and tear. Pattern is cut and neatly folded. It is UNCHECKED.

April 9, 2009

Home Dressmaking Courses?

I've been trying to find one of these online. I found a link with some information on some vintage ones but I was hoping to find a vintage one that I could purchase myself. I have a couple of modern books at the house that I page through sometimes. These mostly contain very beginner information. I'm looking for something to help me work up to an intermediate level. Any suggestions are appreciated.

April 7, 2009

Crinolines and Pouf!

Here are a couple of links for making a crinoline and possibly dyeing one.  I thought this site had some really great information with easy to follow directions if you're coordinationally challenged like me.

April 6, 2009

What a Dress

Here's an interesting pattern.  Too many bow for me but the one in the bottom left corner is great.  Not too much, not too little.  I think I ended up with this one in a trade.  

Hi, Hello, How Ya Doin?

Just introducing myself. My name is Rebecca, I love the vintage patterns and I love sewing. I'll be gradually building my "About" page and this blog. You've probably heard it said that "Rome wasn't built in a day". Not that I'm comparing my blog to the greatness of Rome, it's just that my computer stupidity paired with my slow pace makes for things to take time. I'm hoping to pick up a few people who are intrested in some of the things I am and get some discussions going. Comments are welcome and appreciated, suggestions are also.
I have been sewing for about nine years but still consider myself an amateur. I'm very critical of my sewing skills and think there is always room for improvement. I'm no fashion expert, I have my own particular taste that is maybe a bit on the eccentric side. I enjoy sewing for my daughter alot. She benefits regularly from my time in front of the machine. I hope to one day sew her wedding dress for her and all of my work will move me in that direction. Even better, since she now has her first sewing machine is that we get to work on it together.
I will be posting all sorts of stuff here from vintage patterns that range from childrens to mens to dresses and pajamas. I will try to bring in links from sites that I have found helpful or that I enjoy looking at. Someone else out there shares my sense of interest. It is a dreary day here and the perfect time to start this while I'm looking out the window at the rain and flowers. Hope to see you here!