May 26, 2010

As Promised

Eye Candy! This was one of my first quilting projects. It's a lap size that I squeezed out of some scraps around the house using a nine patch pattern. I didn't actually quilt this, I was too chicken at that point to try quilting anything, I tied it instead. It has a poly batting and is perfect for the couch on cool days. So sorry for the fuzzy pics, I'm planning on upgrading the camera by the fall to a digital slr to get clearer shots.

This is just a basic whip stitch, it's all I knew at the time. I've since learned how to make an invisible stitch. I've heard some call it a castle stitch but as of now it's the nameless invisible stitch for me.

It's Summer Yo-Yo Madness. I have no clue what I'll be doing with these yet but production goes on. I'm currently enrolled in an internet class and this is what I do in the mornings while sitting in the sun trying to not look like a ghost. Here's a challenge. Make a small project out of yo-yo's using scraps that you can display somewhere in your house to give it a more summery feel. Email me pictures and I'll post them here! I want to see what you are working on..

May 24, 2010

I Dropped Off the Face of the Earth

No, kidding, I'm still here, thank the Maker. My sewing has taken a new turn since December and I've learned to quilt. Rather, I've learned to piece in it's most basic forms. My blog has been all but abandoned during this time, I apologize to you guys for that (gasp, I said it, "you guys" instead of "ya'll") School has taken a front seat to most everything else. This would include my sewing lessons that I've been taking at random as I scrape up the money for a class here and there. I have to say, I do catch on quick but I need to focus on becoming a master of one of my trades instead of a jack of all of them. I'm a bit ADD (attention deficit disorder) when it comes to the things I like to do, my sewing has remained the one constant in all of this. Like they say, it's cheaper than therapy. If I hadn't had my sewing machine some Psychologist would be a rich person by now.

We have finally settled in to our little corner of Erie here (it only took us 10 months to do it). I have found a few good places to attend the occasional sewing/quilting class and continue to watch the upcoming classes. Three of my favorite shops in the area are Yaple's, Super Stitch, and a new shop on 38th Street called Common Threads Quilting Shoppe. The owner of Common Threads is Mrs. Patti Wessler and she is wonderful as a teacher. I would suggest her to anyone in the area looking for a good shopping experience. She's still fairly new (she only opened in December) but, she is always getting new things in. She has helped fuel my quilting obsession. I'm posting her link here Common Threads.

Super Stitch in Northeast, PA is awesome! Rick and Anne go the extra mile for you. I went in originally looking for a Bernina but Anne steered me towards my Janome 6600P which I am in total love with. I've named her Camille.

There are still a lot of things that I have to learn but continue to plug away at it. I will get some pictures posted soon of some of my latest creations because I know how barren The Faded Stitch looks at the moment. It desperately needs a more personal touch. I invite everyone to comment on the projects I will be posting and would like to hear about what you have going lately. It seems you guys are shy, I've not gotten one email in response to the blog, hit me up! I wanna hear from you guys ( I did it again). Bring your friends over and drink some coffee and post away! Hope to hear from you guys soon!