June 15, 2011

Pictures of My Underwear are Coming Soon!

So, I go to take pics for you guys this morning and foot if my camera wasn't dead.  Back to the house to hunt down the charger.  I am very excited to show ya'll my chemises, both Elizabethan and Victorian.

June 14, 2011


I thought with the end of the semester so would I be finished with research but, I find it continues, just on a more pleasing subject -- sewing.  This morning I went to the library and checked out a few books on costuming, fitting and alterations.  One book in particular I am very excited about.  Amazon has it listed in the second edition for around $90 so I was bummed about not being able to afford it at the moment but then I got lucky this morning and found the first edition on the shelf by chance.  It is called "Fitting and Pattern Alteration: A Multi-Method Approach" by Elizabeth G. Liechty, Della N. Pottberg and Judith A. Rasband.  Normally I do not keep books I get from the library for the whole time alloted but this one I think I will so there is plenty of time to go back and page through it whenever I want.  Other titles from this morning include "The Corset" by Valerie Steele, "The Theatre Student: Costuming" by Prisk and Byers, "Period Costume for Stage and Screen: Medieval - 1500" by Jean Hunnisett and "The Cut of Women's Clothes 1600 - 1930" by Nora Waugh.  Needless to say, I cannot wait to get home and begin my research.  Thank goodness for the local library!  Ya'll have a good day, I've got some reading to do.

June 13, 2011

Costuming has arrived!

O.k., I realize I have been off the grid for awhile...this last semester was H - E- double hockey sticks and I am glad it's over.  only one more semseter to go and I'm dun, yes that was D-U-N, dun.  That's poor spelling coming from an English major. 

Moving on. 

I have begun in yet another interst area, costuming.  It's a blast.  I have most of the underwear for a Renaissance and Civil War/Bustle costumes finished.  The Elizabethan corset is HOT and was so much fun to make.  It was more of a dummy or a test run if you will but it worked out well enough to use in future costumes.  I have the chemise complete and the farthingale and bum roll mostly complete.  I have to get some extra supplies this week to finish them, namely the hoop steel for the farthingale.  Some of my stitch'n bitch friends and I are ordering some Reconstructing History patterns to make our dresses out of and I believe I will be a French courtesean from the 1560-70's era.  I love the deeply pointed bodices and the partlets of the time.
The Civil War and Bustle costumes will be two seperate costumes but the underwear for both costumes will be virutually the same except for the chemise ( I made a sleeved chemise from a Simplicity pattern and love it) and hoops.  I have a Truly Victorian pattern to make a butsle and a Simplicity pattenr for my Civil War hoops.  For over 5 years now, I have been promising myself I would make myself a hoop dress and never got around to it.  Wednesday night at stitch'n bitch, I decided to stop putting it off so I began the underwear construction so I would have the base to build the dress on.  No more excuses, this is going to be a dream realized and, it appears, a new obsession.
A word of caution on the Simpicity costuming patterns, they run large so hold the pattern up to yourself before cutting anything to see if the dimensions are anywhere near correct.  This was what I did for my Victorian chemise the other day and it turned out perfectly with some arm alterations (I have monster arms and always have to add at least 1", sometimes more for a comfortable fit in the bicep area).  I am debating making the sleeveless chemise from the Laughing Moon pattern I have on the way.  I purchased the LM DVD on how to build a corset and have found it to be very helpful and it is the Dore/Silverado corset pattern I am waiting on at the moment.
At first, I was very intimidated by the idea of building a corset but I found once I did, it was not as bad as I expected and I would like to make more (I'm thinking on for every day of the week).  Which leads me to my next paragraph.
If you live in the area and would like a costume, I'm available.  I am totally in love with the old fashions and while I have a ways to go before being a fashion history buff, I can make it work for hobby costuming needs.
Now that I am making these costumes, all I need is somewhere to wear them! 
I have no pictures yet but will get some up as soon as possible.