October 17, 2010

Half-way through Another Semester

Fall break is almost over, just a few more hours left.  It was a break I really needed.  A small infection after my surgery had me feeling down for a few days but now it's all cleared up and I am on the mend again.  School has been my air, food and bed lately, aside from the doctor's office.  During the last couple weeks of the summer I changed my major to English.  Finding an acceptable major in school was a struggle for me.  No, I am not interested in teaching at this point in my life unless it is underprivileged students.  So many decisions at this time have had me feeling a bit confused and underwater.  Discovering over the last week that I am a nonconformist helped me explain a few things about myself but still leaves questions.  I am on the job hunt again and this is why these questions about myself are so important right now.  Finding a compatible work place can be as much of a struggle as finding the right major in school.  So many work places now focus on teamwork, teamwork, teamwork.  I am not completely opposed to teamwork but the fact remains that I am most comfortable doing my work on my own.  Another hitch is that I am always questioning policies, procedures and actions.  There are times I want to put my two cents worth in but am not sure how much I can say without losing my job.  I have had some work experiences in the past where I inserted my opinion in the most tactful way possible but got stared at like I sprouted a second head.  I tend to speak out when neccessary and this seems to make me even more of a black sheep.  In short, I can be outspoken with a peppering of blunt honesty.