June 24, 2009

Calling All Erie, Pa Sewist!

If you live in the Erie vicinity and you want to meet up, PLEASE, email me! I'm trying to be proactive here. The Sewing Guild has a chapter about 3 hours from here but, I need something closer. I don't have the time and resources at the moment to try to start a chapter. You don't have to be a vintage sewer, sewing in general is all the interest required. These meetings can be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, it doesn't matter. Have a friend that sews in the area? Please refer them to my blog. Help me be proactive and send me an email and lets start a small group of enthusiasts in the area, I swear, I don't bite. :)

June 22, 2009

Guess What

I am gainfully employed. Unofficially at this point but once the paperwork is submitted tomorrow, I'll have a job. My new super seems uber kewl to boot. I won't be making a 40 mile, one way commute either. At the most, I'll be making a 15 minute commute. This is really shaping up. We should know more by Wednesday about the apartment so, keep your fingers crossed in that department. I gotta run now, dinner is waiting!

June 21, 2009

Short Story Fans?

Who is a short story fan? Short stories are not my normal choice for reading but, with extra time on my hands, no extra money and the books at the in-laws house just lying there begging to be read, I picked up a short story book. The author is Joe Hill, the book, 20th Century Ghosts. Most of the stories have been good. I'm down to the last story in the book to read. I have found though, that I'm not a literary minded person (if that's the correct wording). I'm a lazy reader who doesn't like to come up with the answers myself the way this author wants you to, so this leads to some disappointment for me. If someone has read this book, especially "My Father's Mask", please send me a spoiler. I'm dying to know the meaning of this story. This may give me some closure to this particular story and help me get some sleep tonight instead of sitting up wondering what the H-E-double hockey sticks this guy is trying to say with this story.

New Place

It looks like we will be moving into our own place by next weekend! As long as everything keeps going the way it's going, we are golden. I'm starting to let myself get excited. I was afraid to do that before the last call from the new landlord.

I'm still waiting on the second half of my interview. I went to the on-site location to meet with my new supervisor on Thursday night. Nobody was there. There had been an emergency and everyone had had to leave. I go back tomorrow night to finish up and get the employment process rolling again.