May 23, 2009

Busy Busy Week

I do apologize for my "blogger/radio silence" on sewing this week.  As things go, I ended up with three more projects to work on, along with everyday stuff to take care of also.  I hope to be posting on this in more detail over this week as I begin to get things done and get a bit more organized.  I will be post pictures of a wonderful stack of "Work Basket" booklets I ended up with from the 40's, 50's, and 60's.  

May 21, 2009

Yard Sale!

My yard sale has been a hit, I'm really surprised since it's a Thursday.  I'm gonna set back up for a little bit tomorrow afternoon and on Saturday morning.  We are moving in two weeks and things really needed to be weeded out.  I had no idea I had so much stuff.  I don't even remember purchasing some of these things.  It's nice to know though that I have good taste and my things are selling so well.

May 20, 2009

Bead and Button Magazines

I have an extensive collection of Bead and Button magazines from all different years along with many other crafting and beading magazine back issues.  As we were spring cleaning today I ran across the collection.  I have decided to sell it.  I am asking $75 firm as there is a good collection of back issues here.  They have been kept individually in plastic sleeves and those sleeves kept in binders to help protect them.  This will be a local pick up item only.  I am in Clarksville, TN for interested parties.  I will post pictures later.  Thanks for looking!

May 19, 2009

Confessions of a Pattern Hoarder

I buy.......Ugly Patterns.  Yup, it happens.  I have three boxes full that I consider ugly.  I seriously need to get these out of my sewing area.  The boxes are currently the table for my sewing lamp to sit on so it doesn't take up an space on my sewing desk.  Most of these patterns are from the 80's.  I'm just not an 80's fan, even being a child of that decade.  Is it vintage pattern sacrilege to sell these at a yard sale?  

May 18, 2009

And We Have Fold-Over Elastic!

I am putting said elastic on as I'm typing this (in between using the sewing machine of course).  It's fairly easy to work with.  I tried taking pictures but my camera is not picking up the details or taking a clear shot of it.  A hook and eye on the ends and Alexis should have her slip before dinner.  I'll start work on the crinoline tomorrow probably.  I've been resizing a Butterick Pattern from the 50's this weekend while waiting on the elastic to come in.  I've never sized anything before.  I surprised myself.  I'm now on to the alteration phase of the project for the bodice.  I still have to size the skirt up which will be a massive undertaking since it is not cut in sections just one huge half circle that is supposed to be cut on a fold.  This dress will bring alot of firsts for me.  This will also be the first time I took on a project with so many buttonholes.  Usually one buttonhole is more than enough for me.