May 2, 2009

Another Confession from a Pattern Hoarder

OMG, I OWN a MuuMuu pattern :O  I actually own two or three of them.  I'm considering selling them for very reasonable prices.  If anyone would be interested, email me.  I want to cry when I look at them.  I'm not knocking you if you like them.  I just remember my mother wearing them. The muumuu patterns are where I draw the line.  

Great Summertime Dress

I love the neckline and the pockets on this dress.  The sleeves are super cute too.  I think my favorite thing about it are the words across the middle of the envelope..."Simple to Make".  I've been involved in my fair share of complicated patterns over the last ten years but there's nothing I like better than to sit down and whip a dress up in an afternoon and wear it that night.

May 1, 2009

Fabric Crisis

For a few days now I've been surfing the web looking for some fabric to make a dress for my daughter. I have a clear idea of what I want but I cannot find it. I'm becoming hopeless about finding the fabric that i want in the price range I need. I never realized it was so hard to find strawberry print fabric with a white background for less than $8/yard. Simple strawberries are going to give me a stroke.
O.k., sorry for the gripe. I've been MIA on the blog board with Statistics tests and Bob the snake being sick. I'm working on a new post for the weekend. It shouldn't be long before I have it up.

April 27, 2009

Confessions of a Pattern Hoarder

My first confession as a Pattern Hoarder is that I like them all! Even the ones that are hopelessly "not my style" If I like the way it looks and it's 10 sizes too small, I have to have it। I have a whole box of these that I keep promising myself I am going to resize। Alas, I am a Hoarder though. This is why they are still in the box labeled, "to resize". I even dream that one day my daughter will grow up to like the same stuff I do and maybe put them to good use. This may be an even longer shot than my "resize" box. The worst part of this confession is that I don't regret it.

I'm Not the Most Conversational Person Sometimes

So, I'm gonna go sit in front of my sewing machine and work on my dress some.  We have to work on Jeremy's resume some tonight.....this is where it gets interesting.  It's like pulling teeth.  Wish me luck.  Good luck to anyone else out there pulling mental teeth tonight too!

Some points of interest in my house are my son, who is following in his eccentric mother's footsteps if the helmet and doggie goggles are any indication....and Bob, the ball python who never comes out of his rock.

P.S.  Anyone know how to put up an "email me" button?  I have no idea how to build one and I'm on a Mac to top it off.  

April 26, 2009

Pattern Trade

Would anyone else be interested in a pattern trade?  Leave me a comment and maybe we can get one started.  This will depend on participation so tell your friends!