April 27, 2009

Confessions of a Pattern Hoarder

My first confession as a Pattern Hoarder is that I like them all! Even the ones that are hopelessly "not my style" If I like the way it looks and it's 10 sizes too small, I have to have it। I have a whole box of these that I keep promising myself I am going to resize। Alas, I am a Hoarder though. This is why they are still in the box labeled, "to resize". I even dream that one day my daughter will grow up to like the same stuff I do and maybe put them to good use. This may be an even longer shot than my "resize" box. The worst part of this confession is that I don't regret it.


sewducky said...

ROFL I do it too, not as bad, but I have a box of patterns I won't sell or get rid of because I like them.

I also have some to grade up, but I tend to do that when I'm making them. I'll root for the daughter, since I wound up doing that to my own mom.

xdollydaydreamx said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one!! I often don't even look at sizes when browsing patterns. Oops! As a result I have many many patterns but only about 4 that are the right size!

In our forum pattern swap I didn't bother asking what sizes the patterns I liked were & as a result have ended up with a vintage size 10 pattern. I'm a vintage 18. Oops!

fadedstitch said...

I've resorted to ebay and online estate auctions to get them in my general size. I'm a pattern hoarder with low standards ;)