April 27, 2009

I'm Not the Most Conversational Person Sometimes

So, I'm gonna go sit in front of my sewing machine and work on my dress some.  We have to work on Jeremy's resume some tonight.....this is where it gets interesting.  It's like pulling teeth.  Wish me luck.  Good luck to anyone else out there pulling mental teeth tonight too!

Some points of interest in my house are my son, who is following in his eccentric mother's footsteps if the helmet and doggie goggles are any indication....and Bob, the ball python who never comes out of his rock.

P.S.  Anyone know how to put up an "email me" button?  I have no idea how to build one and I'm on a Mac to top it off.  


Anonymous said...

Mine is done in a side widget as a text reading

href=""> Contact SewDucky!

with the a tags in brackets <> and ending with the brackets around the /a. I have no idea where a website is for it. Hope it makes sense. Mine just says contact me, and I pulled this off of my text widget on my blog. I believe adding a picture would link somehow in where it says "contact" but I don't want a yeah. Why mine looks like that.

Good luck with the resume. I'm helping a friend while I work.