April 26, 2009

Pattern Trade

Would anyone else be interested in a pattern trade?  Leave me a comment and maybe we can get one started.  This will depend on participation so tell your friends!


Aimee said...

I think pattern trading is a great idea. I did it recently (well it was more like a lend than a trade) with a fellow vintage pattern fan and it worked out really well. I even think that setting up an official website to do this would be fantastic, but I'm not that technologically inclined... But I guess I would be more into temporary trading... you get the pattern, then copy it, then trade back.

Anonymous said...

I will, I have a lot of patterns I don't like, won't use again, don't have any little kids anymore...yeah. I have some dresses from the 50s for little girls I certainly won't use, since I've only got one child...a boy.

ESalazar said...

I have a TON! I'd love to swap.

Jen said...

I would absolutely love this. I tend to send my unwanted patterns to Pattern Rescue -- but I'd love to trade them with others!


fadedstitch said...

I have three boxes of patterns to go to pattern rescue as we speak. Most of them are from the 80's or a stray piece or two that have shown up from various places.
Has anyone ever seen an active pattern trade online? I'm wondering how to set it up, what kind of platform to use. I've been brainstorming today to come up with rules and ideas. It could be a dual lend/swap. People could do which ever one suits them.

xdollydaydreamx said...

I have a pattern swap running on my forum ( It works out well for us, but I know that another forum ran one and some peoples patterns didn't get returned. I have some webspace I am willing to put for your swap if you like (I'm a web desinger & to be honest, it's kinda cheeky but it's something else I could put on my resume!!!).

You are all more then welcome to join the forum too if you like, it's for fans of vintage, but we talk about all kinds of rubbish :D