July 18, 2009

Lexi's Pajamas

Right now all I'm working on is the gown, (the gown on the left). I will make her the robe later. I'm just short of the amount of fabric to make both. If I get lucky I can pull something sneaky and fit it on the yardage that is left. It's gonna be hard with the stripes. I picked the type of fabric for her (a quilter's flannel I got on sale at Joann's about a year ago) and then let her pick the print. I was hoping she would pick the skull print that I have but she went for the stripes. Maybe it will help her look taller ;).

On a separate note, I'm checking out Ottobre patterns. I got the first magazine in the mail. I have to admit, I'm not very impressed with the Women's patterns, they just aren't my style. The children's patterns are fantastic though. I'm having to figure out how to convert the sizes from European to U.S., shouldn't be too hard. I like the fact that they have a good deal more boy's patterns than other pattern companies, patterns that don't require buttons every time you turn around. I am happy about this because I can now make Russ a lot more. He gets the short end of this stick with the sewing sometimes because I shy away from buttons so much and so many of the patterns that I like for him require them. I did promise him a hoodie before the weather turns cool, he was very happy about that.

July 17, 2009

No Excuses

I have been an unforgivable lump for three days. Barely keeping laundry done and staring at my new sewing project. All the moving and unpacking fried my brain for a short while I think. I am feeling the itch to stitch though. Summer is moving at a nice pace here and I want to enjoy some time getting some things completed at my desk soon. My "want-to-do" list is growing and I'm just sitting on it like a hen on eggs. I think I am about to get my mojo back though.