May 18, 2009

And We Have Fold-Over Elastic!

I am putting said elastic on as I'm typing this (in between using the sewing machine of course).  It's fairly easy to work with.  I tried taking pictures but my camera is not picking up the details or taking a clear shot of it.  A hook and eye on the ends and Alexis should have her slip before dinner.  I'll start work on the crinoline tomorrow probably.  I've been resizing a Butterick Pattern from the 50's this weekend while waiting on the elastic to come in.  I've never sized anything before.  I surprised myself.  I'm now on to the alteration phase of the project for the bodice.  I still have to size the skirt up which will be a massive undertaking since it is not cut in sections just one huge half circle that is supposed to be cut on a fold.  This dress will bring alot of firsts for me.  This will also be the first time I took on a project with so many buttonholes.  Usually one buttonhole is more than enough for me.