April 6, 2009

Hi, Hello, How Ya Doin?

Just introducing myself. My name is Rebecca, I love the vintage patterns and I love sewing. I'll be gradually building my "About" page and this blog. You've probably heard it said that "Rome wasn't built in a day". Not that I'm comparing my blog to the greatness of Rome, it's just that my computer stupidity paired with my slow pace makes for things to take time. I'm hoping to pick up a few people who are intrested in some of the things I am and get some discussions going. Comments are welcome and appreciated, suggestions are also.
I have been sewing for about nine years but still consider myself an amateur. I'm very critical of my sewing skills and think there is always room for improvement. I'm no fashion expert, I have my own particular taste that is maybe a bit on the eccentric side. I enjoy sewing for my daughter alot. She benefits regularly from my time in front of the machine. I hope to one day sew her wedding dress for her and all of my work will move me in that direction. Even better, since she now has her first sewing machine is that we get to work on it together.
I will be posting all sorts of stuff here from vintage patterns that range from childrens to mens to dresses and pajamas. I will try to bring in links from sites that I have found helpful or that I enjoy looking at. Someone else out there shares my sense of interest. It is a dreary day here and the perfect time to start this while I'm looking out the window at the rain and flowers. Hope to see you here!