August 14, 2011

Elliptical Crinoline Adventures

Here is what my table looked like while I was putting my elliptical cage crinoline together (pattern by  Normally my table is clutter free while working on a project but it looked like my sewing shelf threw up during this particular project.

It is made with a muslin bag for the bottom hoops, finished with a zig-zag stitch, which I wasn't very impressed with and do think from now on I will just fold it over like I usually do.  The actual cage was built with 1/2" hooping wire, also from Truly Victorian, pre-made bone casing (Delicious llc.), a belting kit I have had laying around for a LONG time and a whole lot of patience.  Hooping, I found, does not like to behave very well when it gets into cramped spaces.  My boyfriend had to keep coming inside from working on his truck to hold the thing up for me while I fed it under the machine.  A word of caution if working on this project alone, always let someone know where you are and what you are doing.  I got hung up a few times in the wires.  But then again, I was supposed to sew the horizontal bones on by hand :/.  I had to be smart and show it could be done by machine.

All in all, the end result was very much worth the effort.


Eleen Fashions said...

Wow so impressive!!! Great work on this.

The Faded Stitch said...

Thank you Eleen! It is wonderfully bouncy and I can't wait to wear it. This was definately a test of my skills and patience...I've only worked with hooping in large sections before and wasn't aware of how difficult it was to hold it in place while feeding it through the machine. I cheated and machine sewed it instead of doing it by hand. Shhh, don't tell anyone.