April 25, 2009

My Day Yard Saleing!

So many patterns, so little time!  I had a good day yard saleing (o.k., I know this is not a real word but bare with me).  The lady was so tired of selling things, she gave me these things!  I could not in good conscious walk away without compensating her at least a little.  I gave her a few dollars for everything.  There are more patterns but these are the best out of the bunch.  What luck!  I love the Vogue Paris Original by Patou, so classy.  

I ended up with several very nice Vogue Patterns.  A short list as follows:
Vogue Couturier Design 
by Michael #2625
by Galitzine #2681
by Jo Mattli #2427

Vogue Designer Original
by Galitzine #1622

Vogue Paris Original
by Christian Dior #1447
by Guy LaRoche #2588
by Molyneux #1875

Vogue American Designer
by Bill Blass #2097

Vogue Americana
by Oscar De La Renta #2880


Jen said...

In the words of "The Princess Diaries" and Stacy of "What Not to Wear:"

SHUT UP! She gave you all that for FREE?????

That's it, I'm moving in next door. Just tell me where you live and I'll be right there to go garage sale-ing with you this Friday. (wink wink)


fadedstitch said...

I'd love a parter for yardsaling, please come and join me. It was total luck, I assure you!