April 18, 2009

OK, So I Got a Muslin Pattern

I'm gonna take the plunge and make a muslin.  I got the Butterick muslin pattern.  I found a certain lack of muslin patterns from a couple of the major pattern companies today when I went looking for one.  As soon as I'm finished with the '57 dress I'm going to begin my muslin.  I know I'm doing this a little backwards but I've never been accused of being organized, or normal for that fact.  Anyone else out there made a muslin?


aurelia.donka said...

If what you are making is B5746, you are making a sloper, not a muslin.

A muslin is the first iteration of a pattern you make in muslin fabric to use to check that specific pattern's fit. You then make alterations on the muslin and either transfer them back to the paper pattern, or carefully pick the muslin apart and use it as your pattern for cutting your fashion fabric. Sometimes muslins are also made as a way to practice a new construction technique.

A sloper is a basic pattern that you fit and then use as a template for altering other patterns or to draft our own patterns. If you are using the B5746 sloper pattern, be sure you do make it with gingham as this makes it MUCH easier to see where the lines aren't horizontal and vertical and to know how much you have changed the measurements without having to get your tape out because you are dealing with a check of a known size.

fadedstitch said...

Hmmm, I'm gonna check to see what the pattern number is on this. I was following a vintage sewing book someone gave to me as a gift. I'll post pictures of the book in the next few days. Thanks for this info. I'm a little new to this part of sewing but wish to master it.