May 9, 2009

Fab Finds at Estate Auction, Part 1

I'm gonna post some of these finds today and some tomorrow due to the high picture content.  I was very happy with my finds this week.  I got a kick out of the dress shield pouch.  The guarantee was great.  The company promised to not only refund the money for the product for disfunctioning shields but also pay for any damage caused to the dress due to the shields not performing.  Where can you find a guarantee like that today?  This is one of the best groups of patterns I've found.

The Couturier Pattern is Vogue #106 from 1958.  There is also Vogue #8907, 9124, 9104, 9536, 5366, 9047, 9107, 8759, 7597, 9967, 4991; Butterick #5327, 7098, 7986, 8221, 2543.  I have a strong suspicion that # 2543 is from the early 40's.  
  Check back tomorrow for the rest of the pictures.


Shannon said...

Ooo, those patterns are gorgeous! I'm so jealous.

Jaz said...

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