June 18, 2009


Thank the good Lord, we found a place to live. We should be moving in by the end of the month. It only took two weeks. I have to be honest, I was beginning to lose a little hope. We would get out of bed in the morning and begin scouring newspapers and rental websites and also cruise potential neighborhoods. We ran across alot of places that would suit our needs but they would not allow our pets. And now, what a nice man we seem to have found to rent from. Keep fingers and toes crossed that everything continues to move in this direction. We had placed a deposit for the apartment we were originally going to rent and the owners of that property have yet to refund it! Bad form. Luckily we have enough put away to cover the needed costs but we still need the other back, that was a large chunk of change that we both worked hard for. B works for a law firm and one of the lawyers has offered to help us out. We both hate to go this route but they have had plenty of time to get our money back to us. I noticed while looking through listings that the lady with the crappy property was listing under three different names. Hind-site is 20/20. This just goes to prove that long distance moves are not easy.

I go for the second part of my interview in about an hour. I could potentially be working part-time with Autistic patients on second shift. This would work out wonderfully because I begin my sophmore year of Nursing school in August. I found out at the beginning of this week I have about $400 worth of supplies to get that I don't currently have the money for. Hopefully I can begin working by the end of the month and get the needed funds in time. I had no idea that this could get so expensive. I have also made my first visit to the doctor to get necessary blood work and vaccinations out of the way. I'm about half finished with this process. I think the word pincushion just about covers it. I am looking forward to it though. Only three years to go until I get my BSN! Hard work, work, work...........


sewducky said...

Nursing's rough to go through for school. My mom's a retired oncology nurse now, but I was 10 when she started and I remember it. Good for you for going and getting the BSN (my mom should have finished her 2 credits for hers).