July 10, 2009

My New Sewing Digs!

Here we are. It's still very unornganized and cluttered but I have alot of moving around left to do and I'm looking into getting a shelf unit with doors on it to use for fabric and fun stuff like that. It will be slow coming together considering I'm still decorating the living room, kitchen, and bathroom. I'm not even gonna start on the kids rooms at this point. Alexis has hers halfway there, Russell's looks like a bomb went off. He did not inherit ANY organizational skills from me. I have a pattern for a gown cut out right now waiting to be put onto fabric for Alexis. Her SpongeBob pj's are almost too small for her now and she needs something to do for the cooler nights here on the lake. I will post pics as soon as I get it going.


sewducky said...

Very nice and look at all that space! I'm jealous!

thedollyblogge said...

JEALOUS!!!!! I want me a masiive sewing room!!

I also have some fabric for you, if you still want it that is. I'm so rubbish sometimes :/

Anyway, I'll need your address so I can send it to you :D

fadedstitch said...

I got 1/4 of the basement floor space. The bf got almost 1/2 for his model train display. I'm still adjusting alot, it's a nesting thing i guess.

Dolly, yes! I would still love to have the fabric, just email me to work out details, Thanks!