November 20, 2009

Russell's Jacket

So, this is the Ottobre pattern I'm working on for Russell. There seems to be a certain lack of boy's patterns on the market. I invested in an Ottobre subscription for one year to try it out. I've never worked with patterns like this before. It should be an adventure to say the least. My eyes crossed when I pulled the pattern page out. Eventually, I ended up tracing around the pieces I needed for the jacket with a sharpie so I could see it better through the pattern fabric, that did the trick. I'm just hoping I have the sizing right. I WILL be making a muslin for this one, to make sure. I added 1/4" seam allowances to the pattern as I traced it. Converting the metric measurements over to inches should be fun when adding the zippers. The fabric saga continues though. Thinking I had found the perfect fabric for it, I buy it and bring it home only to hate what I had picked out. I'll find something to do with that fabric eventually but right back to the drawing board on what to make this out of. I've never worked with knits before so, a chance to gain new experience awaits me! Whoo-hoo! Let's hope this is not a total disaster, it very well could be.


hiddendoors said...

Ouch. That pattern would make anyone's eyes cross.

Have you ever read Sew U by Wendy Mullins? It's a great sewing book, I think you'd like it.

fadedstitch said...

I've never heard of it. We are going to the library this weekend. I'll look for it while we're there.

Empress Jade said...

It's interesting that when I've offered vintage boys patterns, even when they are really great designs and pretty timeless they get no interest at all. Usually I can't even give them away.