December 20, 2010

Design Your Own Purse Pattern?

During the spring and summer of this year I began designing my own purse pattern called the "A-Round Town Tote".  Well, I hit a design snag and between that and school and well, life, it got put on the back burner.  I'm needing some motivation to sit down and fix this design flaw so I can bring you guys a cute purse pattern so I figure, why not design your own purse with me?  This is gonna be fun and I will post step by step instructions to complete your own purse pattern.  Don't shy away, if you can trace a plate or square, you're in luck!  Along the way I want to post picutures of your purses!  I need input on the best time to start the challenge, I know the holidays are a busy time for most everybody and I want as many people to have a chance to participate as possible.  Start posting your comments now.


Maggie said...

I think I have a leg-up on the challenge, though - I made my sister a new purse for Christmas this year. (Don't tell her though; it's a secret!) She really liked a purse I had gotten, so I tried to recreate it as best I can.

Can't have enough bags, though. I'm in!