December 28, 2010

Where'd My Mojo Go?

O.k. I have tried twice now to sit down and sew the dress for my daughter but I'm lacking mojo.  I got the pattern cut and the fabric prepped but I can't get any further than that :/  Usually I can kick myself out of a slump but I can't seem to do that this time.  Maybe it's stress, or the after effects of stress?  Maybe it's menopause from my surgery?  Whatever it is, it stole my mojo and I want it back (sniffs, reaches for a tissue). 


hiddendoors said...

Could be the time of year, lots of people get more depressed in the wintertime.

Could be hormone levels; have you had them checked since the surgery? Low E levels (and even low T levels in women--especially menopausal ones) can cause depression.

My depression's been flaring up really bad too lately.

Molly said...

I'm sorry to read that, I know the aggravation of losing the sewing mojo (especially when half finished projects are cluttering the house), hope you are feeling better in yourself and mojo restored asap!