July 12, 2011

Here There Be Underwear

Completed Corset (minus lacing aglets which came in the mail today)
back view of completed corset

collar detail of chemise
hem detail of chemise

gusset detail of chemise

inside sleeve detail (Houston, we have a boo-boo) showing felled seams
crotchless bloomers anyone?

hem detail of bloomers

corset muslin

victorian busk (white) vs. elizabethan busk (wooden)

Victorian underwear project well underway!  I am waiting on some hoopsteel to come in the mail and I can begin on my crinolines.  Don't forget the bustles too!  I'm making a bustle dress too.  Pictures forthcoming when I get the project underway.  Currently I am working on a bust gore version of the corset and am planning on making a sleeveless chemise.  I feel like a sleeveless one would be more comfortable for me and may be placing the one in the pictures in my etsy shop.  Any interested parties can email me ahead of time.  One thing worth noting on the corset is the spread at the top of the busk.  Ehem, the lovely model which I have nicknamed Mrs. Wallace is larger chested than I am, therefore causing the pulling apart of the fabric.  This detail has been duly noted and I will probably be installing a hook and eye to prevent this from happening anymore.