May 3, 2009

Progress on My Vogue Project

I got really lazy for about a week and a half and haven't been near my sewing machine until tonight.  I'm posting some pictures of the progress of my Vogue dress.  I've got the front panels together and one set of the pleats made.  I'm fixing to start on the back panels as soon as I complete my post for the day.  Please keep in mind when looking at this that this is the first time I have ever come close to attempting matching a fabric pattern before.  There has to be a trick to it on a curved seam.  Any tips or hints?  


lois said...

put the piece that has more fabric on the curve to the feed dog. Face down on the plate of machine, let the feed dog do the gathering. And someone also said do NOT clip the seam until totally done.

Cat said...

You are doing very well with this dress so far. I made this a few years ago to.

Here is my journey, maybe you will find some tips in my ramblings.

The muslin:

Including the crinoline:

The finished dress:

A Quick and dirty version for the football:

I really love this pattern, probably because it was the first princess seam dress I took the time to modify to fit me.

Then I used just the top half and modified the pattern to come up with this:

Good luck with yours.

Lindsay U said...

Did you finish this dress? I'm making it also and was curious as to how it turned out. :)