November 6, 2009

In Lieu of Flannel

Until I can get more of the flannel fabric for the cuffs I am going to be working on fleece hoodies for the family to get ready for winter. I'm experimenting with this pattern for myself first so I can work out all the bugs and make some really nice ones for the kids and boyfriend. The last hoodie I made didn't turn out so well. I seem to have an issue getting sizes right. I measure, make the size according to the measurements on the individual pattern and it's still off somehow. My some measured in for a size 8 on a Simplicity pattern, the size 10 just seemed too big. The hoodie was made and it was the right size alright, almost skin tight right size, way too short also. The zipper size the packaging called for was off by 6 inches too. By the time I finished with the garment I was fed up with sewing for a bit. Yeah, right, it only took me two weeks to get back to it and here I am. I will, however, not purchase the zippers anymore until it is time to put them in.