May 27, 2009

Alexis' First Project and Sewing Machine

The gods have decided to teach me patience.  I am teaching Alexis to sew.  I got her a machine from and estate sale a couple of months ago.  After about an hour of adjusting and playing with the machine it was ready to go.  I had her cut, lay, and pin the pattern out over the last three days.  She decided to make pajama pants.  It's a Simplicity "Learn to Sew" pattern, #3553.  It is a modern pattern.  She chose some striped flannel from my stash and we had just enough.  The machine is a 1975 Singer Fashion Mate Model 360.  It had several different feet and fashion discs for decorative stitching.  It's also mounted in a beautiful table.  Alexis is doing rather well on straight stitches and is working on curves.  She did an outstanding job pinning the pattern to the flannel, she did all of it by herself.   I've had her practicing on scraps before she starts each section.  I'm happy she has taken such an interest in sewing and wanting to learn.