May 25, 2009

Ann's Dress

Our neighbor's daughter is almost 2.  She's a very SMALL 2.  I used a size 2 pattern to cut this dress and just cut the seam allowance off to make it smaller.  She should have room to grow into the dress over the summer.  I used the rest of the cherry fabric that was left over from making Alexis' dress.  It took some creative cutting to get it to work but it did.  This is just one of the many projects I've been working on this week around cleaning and hosting a yard sale.  We will be making our big move to Pennsylvania next week and I wanted Ann's dress finished before we left.  The back has and elastic casing built into the inside of the waistline in the back.  I used some cheap silk to make the facing with and hem tape to finish the hem.  Ann is tall and thin and I didn't want to lose and length on the skirt while making this.  The pattern was a 1955 McCall's, #3346.  


Anonymous said...

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fadedstitch said...

I found one yesterday about twenty minutes after my post. I'm a computer idiot but managed to widen it to an acceptable width. Thanks for the comments!